Kody Nielson’s second single, Ruban’s Birthday from his forthcoming album Birthday Suite is out today, and following in the pattern of releasing songs on family and friends’ birthdays it coincides with his brother Ruban’s. Happy Birthday Ruban!

Having formed The Mint Chicks together in the 2000s, the brothers have a rich musical connection and in recent years Kody has also been an integral collaborator in Ruban’s project Unknown Mortal Orchestra, recording and producing for the band extensively. Kody and his brother received Apra’s Silver Scroll Award for the song Multi-Love which they wrote together and recently joined the band on drums ahead of their upcoming world tour.

Short and sharp (coming in just over a minute), this new track keeps with the tone set by the previous single Bic’s Birthday, with the instrumental melding a psychedelic synth and drum approach to the baroque.

Due out worldwide on May the 9th, 2018 (Kody’s birthday) Birthday Suite brings together 12 songs inspired by friends and family birthdays, and will be released on vinyl LP (standard and limited edition colour vinyl), CD and digitally via Flying Nun Records.

Always restlessly experimenting, Kody Nielson’s new work has taken in IDM, Afrobeat, Jazz Fusion, Italo Disco, Psychedelic Rock and all other kinds of offbeat explorational sounds while maintaining a commitment to classic songcraft and musicianship. Always twisting genre, technique and persona he continues to be one of New Zealand’s most vital musicians.

Having first came to the world’s attention as a producer, songwriter and frontman for Auckland experimental punk band the Mint Chicks. Nielson’s live performances are legendary even from those early days and their second album Crazy? Yes! Dumb? No! was gold certified and won the band five New Zealand Music Awards in 2007.  After the Mint Chicks broke up in 2010, Kody started collaborating extensively with singer songwriter Bic Runga on her own solo records as well as their project Opossom. In 2016 Kody’s new project Silicon released Personal Computer  which went on to win the prestigious Taite Music Prize and gained praise from critics and fans like Pharrell Williams and Justin Timberlake.

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