tech21 do phone cases and they do them well.

It’s been their primary focus for years and being that this their only product, they have mastered the art of keeping your prized and expensive ‘extra limb’ safe.

With the release of Apple’s ‘S’ series of X’s tech21 knew that new iPhone wielders would need ultimate protection for the super pricey smartphones.

tech21 sent STG two of their elite cases from their EVO Series, the yellow neon transparent case; Evo Check and my personal favourite and pick of the two the Evo Luxe Active Edition.

If you’re one who likes all to know that you have an iPhone, the EvoCheck is transparent enough to display the iconic Apple logo on the rear of your device while at the same time acting almost like a suction cup as you place your phone inside.

Evo Check - Yellow tech21 phone case iphone

Evo Check – Yellow

Albeit the Evo Check is very yellow. The Evo Luxe Active Edition comes in a dark Blue with red accents around the edges where the Volume and Power buttons are kept.

The Evo Check may suit most as it is an easy to place on and off gel-like casing, whereas the Evo Luxe Active Edition is the more elite, made from a performance fabric.

The EvoLuxe Active Edition encases your iPhone in to a mix of both hard and soft rubber-like constraint with air padding cushions on either side.

These lip over the depth of the front of the iPhone, so if you have a mishap and drop your phone on it’s screen the casings edges should protect it.

tech21 test their cases, and test them thoroughly. Each design is drop-tested from a 12 foot free fall on to hard surfaces.

Evo Luxe Active Edition tech21 iphone phone case

Evo Luxe Active Edition

The mix of performance fabric and flexshock means that the Evo Luxe Active Edition will absorb almost any impact at the same time of being hard wearing.

The Evo Luxe (I did say this was my favourite of the two) Active Edition is also super slim – no crazy sized pockets needed for bulkiness of the phones housing.

Both the Evo Luxe Active Edition and the Evo Check allow wireless charging (thankfully).

tech21 know smartphones and they sure do know casing and protection better than most, they are your smartphones guardian angel.

And with Black Friday coming up – what better time to invest in a tech21 armour for your i-device.

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