Game to movie adaptions can be a little hit and miss.

There’s been good, there’s been really bad and then there’s excellent.

Last years Mortal Kombat film redo was just wow and now Sony are jumping in porting their triple A  Uncharted game franchise from Naughty Dog on to the big screen with real life actors.

Taking bits from the games (Uncharted, Uncharted 2 and Uncharted 3 as well as Uncharted: The Lost Legacy) we begin at the beginning.

Uncharted - 2022

A young Nathan Drake (Tom Holland) is with his older brother Samuel in an orphanage run by some very strict Nuns.

Their parents are presumed dead, missing, but a Drake will be a Drake and the two brothers get themselves in too much trouble.

Nathan, called Nate, and his brother are split up and the older Drake runs away before he can be taken by the law.

Years pass and Nate begins a path of his own – not exactly an honest one.

Uncharted - 2022

He catches the eye of an older, sly treasure hunter called Sully (Mark Wahlberg) and enlists Nate to help him steal an artefact from an Auction House.

The two eventually team up in search of an ancient Spanish treasure, lost within the smaller islands of the Philippines.

The duo become a trio as Chloe Fraser (Sophia Ali) joins in the hunt, but they aren’t the only ones looking for the treasure.

A wealthy and ruthless businessman called Santiago Moncada (Antonio Banderas) hires mercenaries to locate the treasure, which he believes his is family’s rightful fortune.

Uncharted - 2022

What plays out is a lot of double crossing and action to the likes of high adrenaline moments in the games.

The writers have done a fantastic job of incorporating the lore and memorable gaming moments in to the film.

There’s even a shout out to Indiana Jones and Nolan North, who voices Nathan Drake in the games has a small cameo.

Myself being a fan of the games and having played through all of them watched Uncharted and loved it. For the PlayStation gamers out there who are on the fence about seeing Uncharted, it’s worth it, appreciate it for what it is – an action flick that’s loyal to the games’ series.

Uncharted - 2022
Uncharted (Sony – 2022) Review
Film details

Year: 2022
Rating: M15+
Running Time: 116 MIN
Genre: Action
Director: Ruben Fleischer
Starring: Tom Holland, Mark Wahlberg, Sophia Ali, Tati Gabrielle, Antonio Banderas
Production Studio: PlayStation Productions
Distributor: Sony

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