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NOW CLOSED – It all began in 1994, when the circus came to town.

Two brothers, twins, clown obsessed but only one will survive the day. A story of revenge and enough horror gore cliches to fulfill any B-Grade film fan.

Clown is a straight to DVD schlock horror released by Dimension Films and Vendetta.

Thanks to our mates at Vendetta Films we have one Clown DVD to Giveaway!

Clown Film 2019

To Enter our Clown DVD competition you will need to answer this question correctly:

What is another excellent B-Grade Clown (…or ‘Klown’) based horror film?

A: From Beyond

B: Piranha 3D

C: Killer Klowns From Outer Space

(Likely you will find the answer in our Clown film review)

You can give us your Answer by placing a Comment below, hitting us up on FacebookTweet to us, or Email Us.

* Winner(s) will be randomly selected from those that Comment below / Facebook Comment / Email in accordance to the above Question. Winner(s) will receive a DVD for the film Clown. Clown has a Mature Age rating. Competition ends on the 31st of May 2020.


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