Aegis of Earth: Protonovous Assault is something a combination game as it takes a few ideas and mergers them together. It is both a city / tower defence game and city builder, while it focuses more so on the defence side of things, it contributes to the city builder side of things. The combination does offer a slightly more unique game than I have had the pleasure to play.

After an apocalypse 50 years’ prior humanity has survived by building super cites with incredible defence power to hold back the new threat that wants to eradicate our species, only known as “the enemy”. Along with the creatures also came the discovery of Altenite, a new resource that is a vital part to our survival and the battles to come. This story is rather basic and lacks depth but I felt it did enough to make the scenario you find yourself in acceptable and fathomable. The game itself isn’t anything too fanciful so this story does the job.


You are given control over defence operations in the starting city of Kimberley. You are given a lengthy but involved tutorial as to how to play the game. The tutorial is incorporated well enough into the game that it isn’t a bother and provides understandable instructions as to how the game actually works.

As the new commander of the city it is your goal is to make the city grow and prosper. This is achieved by defending it from “the enemy” and keeping your citizens happy and safe. Which with each successful defence mission will have more people wanting to join your city.

There numerous management parts; building and allocating defence buildings, accepting new citizens, collecting taxes, upgrading buildings or planning for the next strike encounter. All of these tasks are easily accomplished and make up the majority of what you do outside of strike encounters.


Strike encounters are what essentially runs the game.

You build and prepare for strike encounters, once initiated the city goes into battle mode and it is up to you to defend the city. The city is made up of rings, each able to be rotated separately from one another. On each ring there are spaces to build weaponry, housing areas and in the outer ring, shielding. All these need to be rotated to follow where the enemy will hit next. This makes the placement of different types of weaponry important. As the game progresses new weapons also became available adding to the diversity and different strategies you can employ in building placement.

Strikes can contain a small variety of enemies. Each with a different and attack style, with some enemies needing to be taken much quicker than others. The strikes while generally simple do offer an engaging fight with an intense feel especially with a boss battle. You can mostly choose the level of difficulty of the enemy but it can get dull picking the lower level ones if you are of a higher one.


When you are introduced to the game is It has a fun anime style to it with lively and entertaining character. Each character mans a post and helps out in the strike missions. As you progress more characters become available and can swapped out for older characters and vice versa.

This allows some change of scenery and different interactions and personalities the opportunity to show themselves. Strikes decrease a character’s energy and so swapping out gives them a much needed rest to rejuvenate themselves until the next time they are called upon.

Aegis of Earth: Protonovous Assault is a different sort of game. It combines a few different gaming aspects but manages to do so well enough to create and functional and even fun game. It can however get somewhat repetitive which I feel is its only major let down. It does have something to offer but it’s not anything too spectacular.

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Aegis of Earth: Protonovous Assault (PS4) Review

Released: May 2016
Rating: PG
Platforms: PlayStation 4
Genre: Simulator
Developer: Acquire
Publisher: Acquire

3.5Overall Score
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