Get the look and feel without the cost with PowerPlay.

Made by E-Blue the newly released weighted Mechanical-Sense Gaming Keyboard has recently released under the video gaming designated brand of PowerPlay.

Made from anodized aluminium the full sized 104 key unit features RGB lighting, customized via an on board switch key with three varying modes colour swatch modes.

Each mechanical key has a healthy sounding click and soft but firm push back. Excellent for PC Gaming.

Previously I had reviewed E-Blue mechanical keyboards and while all did what they claimed to do for a budget price the keys sounded alot like a typewriter hyped up on energy drink. Loud and overly enthusiastic.

Not so with this new model, it’s quieter with every click so you can be extra stealthy in your game’s room.

PowerPlay’s Mechanical-Sense Gaming Keyboard also has 25 dedicated keys for anti-ghosting and FN keys.

Yes, it’s basic – but overall it will do what any of the other bigger and more costly brands will – and this gaming keyboard comes in at just under $50 NZD.

Casual, serious, eSports players should give the PowerPlay Mechanical-Sense Gaming Keyboard some consideration, whether looking for a change, just kitting yourself out or as an alternative for simplicity.

Add some real PowerPlay to your game for small change.

PowerPlay Mechanical-Sense Gaming Keyboard
PowerPlay Mechanical-Sense Gaming Keyboard Review
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