Logitech have always been masterful with personal audio.

With their UE (Ultimate Ears) series which has spanned almost ten years (I still have and use my UE TripleFi plugs that I bought back in 2008), starting with earphones and evolving into the UE Boom Bluetooth Speaker – they have always added the oomph and power to your personal sounds.

Having also been in the gaming peripherals market for decades, their signature technology and quality literally resonates through to their gaming audio products.

Logitech New Zealand supplied StG with one of their top shelf Gaming Headsets, the G533.

Wireless via a Bluetooth dongle. the headphones succeed both with music playing through to explosive PC gaming.

The super comfy padded removable ear cups block out any outside interference for that full immersion.

Using the ARX software (downloadable from the Logitech website) you can fine tune the G533 to your liking and preferences.

What’s more, the G533 offers up 7.1 DTS Digital sound for compatible games, meaning that you do not need to have a huge external speaker set up in your gaming den to experience games as they are meant to be heard.

The retractable and extendable boom mic arm can be pulled down at any moment with the G533 designed to seamlessly store the Boom Mic arm into the design of the headset if, say, you are not feeling so chatty and just want to play (or listen to music).

The G533 can also be controlled via the headset itself – the basic functions hardware buttons located on the Left ear cup, offering up Volume control, Mute and the charging cable socket.

This is a must for situations where you need to quieten things down or turn off the Mic in an instant.

The G533 is plug and play. We connected up our review unit on a Windows 10 PC, and asides from the installation of the ARX software (which required a restart of the rig) we were up and running in 7.1 in an instant.

A single charge (usually takes around two hours for a full charge from completely empty) will last you 15 hours and the headset has a 15 meter range. During our test of it, we actually managed to get more than 15 hours, and all up over the span of a few days would have got around 20 to 24 hours before it completely died.

This said, I believe that the use versus life longevity may reflect how loud you crank your audio. Still at medium to full volume we exceeded the listed 15 hours. For a Bluetooth device this was outstanding.

The G533 is definitely a headset that any discerning PC Gamer needs. The freedom from being wired in to the PC – however, the G533 may not be for the super budget conscious though.

Retailing for around $229.00 (NZD) it is on the pricier scale, bearing in mind that this one of Logitech’s top shelf units though.

Being that it is a part of the much coveted ‘G’ Series from Logitech, the sleek, comfortable and light to wear the G533 did not fail to impress us whatsoever.


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Logitech G533 Gaming Headset Review
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