Welcome to Starfield new recruit.

Mineral mining guided by Supervisor Lin and the sarcastic humored Heller sees you get used to your space feet and using a laser cutter to extract minerals which will give you credits.

As the crew move deeper in to the cavern an anomaly is detected.

You are sent forward to investigate and find that the gravity is a bit messed up and locate a strange object, called the Artifact.

What the Artifact is remains a mystery that will become clear as you venture further in to play.

So it’s here your game begins.


Create your character, gender, body and face customization, background (which determines your character’s skills) and traits.

You can select up to three traits which may maximize some vitals, offer benefits but will decrease or inhibit other skills. As there is a long list to choose from, choose wisely.

The game can be played in first person or third person. I found it better in first, but maybe that’s just my preference.

You’ll have dialogue with many NPC’s throughout this massively epic mega sized game and the way an NPC will react to you or information gained as well as narrative and path will be determined on the options that you select with your responses.

You of course have an inventory accessed via a menu sphere.


Any new equipment, items and such are in there and usually equip-able, including your super important helmet. Remember that you need to breathe oxygen.

Some items in your inventory will need resources as well. These can usually be found by exploring the planets you visit.

Your character will eventually increase in Level, this may see a few new skills or existing ones enhanced. It’s also within the menu system you can see your current objective and what planet or system you are currently on and how much of it you’ve potentially explored.


From miner to space explorer, almost within a single day.

After a meeting with a colorful ‘loot’ collector and surviving a fiery bout with some pirates you’re off, commanding your first ship.

Get used to this newbie, as it will be the first of many ships you’ll get to fly (and eventually build) in Starfield.

We all know that space is a vast open environment, and the same can be said with this game. It’s big. Epic. Super sized. Space is yours for the taking.

Engage with enemy ships, take them out and then salvage parts from their wrecked craft.

Explore every planet, every planet system, every outpost, almost every star in the cosmos within the game. You can even recruit a team – handy for missions that may need an extra hand or two.

Ultimately Starfield is an RPG. An almost endless one. There’s main quests and countless side ones. Let’s not forget that Bethesda who made this game, gave us Skyrim many years back which is still a core title played by millions today.

What you do and how you play in Starfield is up to you. You will have core objectives, sure, but if you want to have a nosey around, collect stuff, see the scenic sights, get yourself in to mortal danger with the local populous or creatures an on any given planet, you can.

Starfield is a game that’s near endless, Bethesda have beautifully created a meticulously detailed and real living endless Universe within a game just for you, space explorers.

Starfield (Xbox Series X|S) Review
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Released: September 2023
Rating: M15+
Platforms reviewed: Xbox Series X
Genre: RPG
Developer: Bethesda Game Studios, id Software
Publisher: Bethesda Game Studios

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