Mutants, giants, beasties and more.

All are gunning for you a demon who has awoken to find himself trapped inside a ball.

Luckily a ball with limbs.

WarriOrb is a modern skinned retro-esque platformer from developers Not Yet and it’s one hell of a devilish game.

The story goes, apart from the fact you are a demon in a ball body, that you make a deal to find three artifacts and in turn you can return to your former glory.


But getting these three artifacts is not a simple adventure by any means.

Ramp up the difficulty level times 10 in places you’ll find yourself traversing 2.5D Levels solving environmental puzzles and smacking the, er, living daylights out of baddies and bosses.

WarriOrb is a game that does not take itself seriously. It knows what it is and it’s that humor aswell as the super addictive gameplay that keeps you moving.

Reviewed (and released) on PC, I do recommend using a controlpad to play if you have one.


The reminiscent jaunt down memory lane to those platformers played back in the glory days of cartridge, WarriOrb is not just a chillout title to play inbetween your first person shooters, it’s a game totally worth crunching and grinding through on it’s own.

Have a laugh at the light hearted narrative all the while clenching and sweating as you melee your way through.

WarriOrb. Loved it.

WarriOrb (PC) Review
Game details

Released: April 2020
Rating: PG
Platforms: PC (Windows 10)
Genre: Platformer
Developer: Not Yet
Publisher: Not Yet

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