There was a time that dust was a gamers worst enemy.

Back in the days when games came on cartridges and in-game death was usually permanent, we would find ourselves having blow dust out of the cartridge slot on the console if the game wouldn’t load up.

Sure, we are light years away from that now as technology evolved. But as the evolution took place a new problem arose – digital storage.

Consoles from both the last gen and our current next gen offered up a cheaper digital only option.

With 500GB to 1TB storage selections, for most light casual gamers it’s likely to be enough. But the more serious of us need more.

Seagate Storage Expansion Card - Xbox Series X and S

Even the non-digital consoles that have a Bluray drive usually install data from the Bluray disc on to the internal SSD drive, making it choc full in no time as newer games can get as big as 50GB+.

Seagate, who have been in the digital storage business for decades have a solution for Xbox X|S owners. Their Storage Expansion Card for Xbox Series X|S.

At the rear of the new Xbox models there is a slot, where you can beef up your internal storage by way of expansion. It, infact, slots in just like an old skool game cartridge.

The Seagate Storage Expansion Card is an SSD to the same speed as the built-in drive, so there is no drop in either load (if any) and gameplay experience.

Seagate Storage Expansion Card - Xbox Series X and S

It comes in a 1TB version, instantly transforming my Xbox Series X in to a 2TB console.

The Xbox will see the drive as a secondary and via it’s hub interface you can select the Seagate Expansion Card as your primary installation drive for your games and apps.

If your internal drive is getting a bit choca already, move some stuff over and share the load.

Sure – the Xbox Series X|S does allow you to use external USB 3.0 drives.

Unless you fork out big bucks for a external 1TB SSD, you may find that as games evolve for the new gen loading speed, whether before or during gameplay, may decrease as the 3.0 technology is overlapped by the faster drive inside the console.

Seagate Storage Expansion Card - Xbox Series X and S

Plus the 1TB Seagate Expansion Card is a couple of hundred dollars. On par or slightly cheaper than a USB SSD equivalent.

The expansion cards can also be swapped out. Get a couple of these and have your games ready to go, without the time consuming need to uninstall games from the internal drive just to have to redownload again when you want to play that title at a later date.

Solid, sturdy and reliable the Seagate Expansion Card for Xbox Series X|S is a sure investment for us gamers out there who just want to keep playing.

Seagate Storage Expansion Card - Xbox Series X and S
Seagate Storage Expansion Card Xbox Series X|S Review
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