The sense of flying is one of the most amazing experiences you can have in Virtual Reality.

Be it soaring around the globe in Google Earth VR, flying an Iroquois helicopter across the Nevada desert in DCS, or even dogfighting in space with Eve Valkyrie, departing terra firma is exhilarating.

You can add the PlayStation VR title, Megaton Rainfall to this list. Casting the player as a super-powered protector of the Earth, this is the closest that you’ll get right now to a full-on VR Superman simulator.

Under the tutorage of an otherworldly entity, you are shown what you need to know to protect Earth against a seemingly relentless horde of alien invaders. The aliens are throwing everything they have got towards Earth’s cities, destroying buildings and killing citizens with an array of interesting craft.

You must fly from location to location (which includes out into the solar system), attacking the invaders before they wipe out the cities of the Earth. These are real cities as well. I particularly liked Dubai with the world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa, dominating the skyline. Shame one of my stray shots caused the huge building to crumble to the ground.

Shooting the attacking aliens as their tear through the city is exhilarating, but when you accidently take out a building, yourself, it makes you wince a bit.

Collateral damage is a big deal in the game. Whilst it looks very cool to fly through the falling rubble of a devastated city, you don’t want to score an own goal by killing the citizens that you are supposed to be protecting.

The VR experience is fantastic, especially when you start you really get to grips with the flight dynamics and your abilities. Whizzing between buildings chasing the enemy and taking them out really makes you feel like a super-hero.

The visuals do the job. They are not bad, especially when you consider the size of the cities that provide a backdrop to the action.

The game can also be played without the need for a PSVR kit. This is good in a way, but a lot of what makes the game an interesting experience is down to that Virtual Reality sense of presence, of being there, instead of just watching it. If you don’t have the VR kit or just want to rest your eyes and play in 2D, the option is there.

If you like the idea of being able to fly though a city at breakneck speed you are in for a treat. Megaton Rainfall offers PSVR owners an exhilarating ride.

Megaton Rainfall (PlayStation 4 / PSVR) Review
Game Details

Released: October 2017
Rating: M15+
Platforms: PlayStation 4,PSVR
Genre: Virtual Reality, Simulator, Action
Developer: Pentadimensional Games
Publisher: PlayStation</p

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