It’s April 2019 which can only mean one thing, New Zealand’s Wellington Armageddon Expo (or Wellygeddon to many) was here and bombarded you with cosplay, shops and entertainment at every turn, just the way we like it.

Being the first of the year’s Armageddon Expos, there’s always a certain excitement by default as you’re eager to be reunited with your fellow crazy nerds and lovers of entertainment.

Wellygeddon 2019

This year, I opted to take the expo at my own pace, going around the oval outer ring of Westpac Stadium and simply wait to view the shops if they were overcrowded. I do mention every year that I’m not a fan of the location because it forces you in a particular direction like an escalator, but hey, it is what it is and it’ll grow on me eventually.

Artists alley was a highlight for me this year and I loved seeing various artists showcasing their talents. I picked up a few business cards along the way to check out more of their collections on various social media or websites later too. If there’s one thing to say about Expos is that it’s hard to decide what to buy sometimes when you’re put on the spot!

Wellygeddon 2019

I had my eyes set on looking for and purchasing a dagger prop. I’d seen a range of them at the previous Auckland Armageddon and regretted not purchasing one then. At least I knew it wasn’t too long until the next Armageddon Expo, an event I love and appreciate its continued strong presence here in New Zealand.

Celebrities and panels weren’t my target this time round, but I constantly noted fans queuing up for signings, photographs or both this time round. Wellygeddon 2019 was the first-time selfies were available (for a price) to be used in conjunction with autographs. As I observed, the selfies seemed to be doing wonders for fans who loved the more intimate and casual interaction as opposed to a professional photo (though as I can concur, having a professional photo with a celebrity is epic).

Wellygeddon 2019

Rules have also changed for cosplayers this time round due to the mass shooting in Christchurch last month. Costumes mimicking realism (e.g. an outfit that could be found in everyday life like military or weapons), was banned. As the folks at Armageddon mentioned, there are plenty more appropriate costumes to choose from out there and it was great to see those attending both respecting this new rule and still going full out for their cosplay too.

Wellygeddon has started to move in a new direction for me and I’m loving how my focus has shifted over the years. Perhaps that’s due to what is being shown or maybe just me. No matter what though, I’ll still be attending no doubt for years to come, eager to get pop culture goodness in the country’s capital city.

*Image credit: Armageddon Expo.