A heroic knight, his amazing flying steed and non-stop aerial battles are all coming your way this summer when Cyber Rhino Studios releases Gryphon Knight Epic on Steam. Set for an August 20 release, Gryphon Knight Epic will have you, in the role of brave knight Sir Oliver, taking to the skies on the back of a magical battle gryphon, a mythical combination of eagle and lion.

Gryphon Knight Epic

You will be challenged to battle a seemingly endless onslaught of foes and bosses – but you won’t be alone, as you’ll have multiple weapon types, magical potions and squires to back you up!

To celebrate the upcoming release date, we also have a new trailer for Gryphon Knight Epic available for download below. Make sure to grab it and get a look at the awesome shmup action in Gryphon Knight Epic.

Gryphon Knight Epic

Jump aboard your magical gryphon and blast into retro 2D shooter action on PC, Mac and Linux.

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