Levity Play is excited to announce its multiplayer first-person shooter, Skyfront VR, will release on Steam Early Access on November the 10th, 2017.

Building upon the legacy of classic PC arena shooters, Skyfront VR is set to launch the genre forward into the realm of VR with a first for the form – the freedom of heated, aerial combat, without the worry of nausea that typically accompanies it.

Acknowledging the hurdle that motion sickness poses for many prospective VR gamers – particularly in the FPS space – Skyfront VR boasts unique locomotion mechanics that help to centre players and provide them with a more comfortable gameplay experience. Movement is handled by moving one’s hands, translating to 1:1 movement in this virtual, zero-gravity space. By forcing players to consciously guide their in-game movements with their physical body, this eliminates the sensory conflict that often occurs when movement is dictated by a joystick.

Combined with large, open arenas and collision dampening when approaching surfaces, Skyfront VR nails its balance between intuitive freedom of movement and the tight FPS gameplay players expect from an arena shooter.

Set against the backdrop of an idyllic future where mankind has mastered the laws of nature, players will battle for supremacy in zero-gravity arenas comprised of the cities of old, now floating in the sky. Marking its Steam Early Access launch, players will initially have access to 2 gorgeous arenas, Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch gametypes, 5 different weapons, 5 special abilities for turning the tide of battle, and a Bot Shootout practice mode, ensuring there’s no shortage of ways to make a mark on the skybound battlefield. Building upon this strong framework, Levity Play will continue to implement new modes, maps and features as it crafts Skyfront VR into the next generation of VR arena shooters.

So, get ready to make your move, boundary-free, in gravity-defying battle arenas. Pick your weapons wisely, set your abilities strategically and prepare to fight for VR glory!


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