OPPO are making their seriousness in the foldable market known.

Having released their Find N2 earlier this year (2023) we now have the bigger, beefier option of a full sized foldable in the OPPO Find N3.

And what a beast it is.

If you’re already familiar with foldables, then you’ll know that they are essentially a smartphone and tablet in one.

Until now there had only been one contender in the ring for foldables, but now there’s some very big competition.

OPPO Find N3

The front OLED screen takes on a slightly wider form, at 6.3 inches. This extra space allows you to use your foldable phone more effectively when closed.

The spacious front screen has an excellent UX when typing out a message on a not-so squishy keyboard.

Opening the OPPO Find N3 up also opens up a near-to full sized tablet.

Coming in at a whopping 7.8 inches the 120hz refresh OLED Dolby Vision screen is a visual masterpiece, with your apps already split over the two sides of the screen.

It’s here you can be as productive as you like. Split window apps, have floating apps on screen and stream your fav shows on that large display. Of course the OPPO Find N3 is excellent for gaming too.

OPPO Find N3

Built on Android, OPPO’s ColorOS is overlayed with little bloatware, and anything preinstalled is easily removable.

Under the hood, the specs far out-weigh any foldable competitor especially when you factor in the price point.

A Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 takes care of all of the data crunching. This is coupled with 16GB RAM. Yep, 16GB.

You’ll have no sluggish or slow performance here no matter how much of a multi-tasker, or gamer you are.

There is one storage option, 512GB and no microSd expansion. For most 512GB is ample space, even for me.

But OPPO didn’t stop their kitting out with high specs at just the phone. The camera’s are more high spec’d than some of the current flagships out in market right now.

OPPO Find N3

The rear cameras have a very large roundel housing. As if to say ‘we’ve added some serious camera’s here!’.

You’ve got three in total, 48MP wide, 64MP telephoto and a 48MP ultra-wide.

Front facing when unfolded sees a 20MP ultra-wide pinhole and when closed the front camera weighs in at an impressive 32MP. All using professional grade Hasselblad colour correcting.

The OPPO Find N3 records in 4K and there’s Movie mode, Dual Video and more.

You have a diverse menu of snapping options, including Night and Portrait. The 120x digital zoom, while impressive in it’s own right, does not do so well on clarity. But stop at 50x and your pics turn out just fine.

Audio on the Find N3 needs a mention. All of OPPO’s smartphones have paid close attention to personal audio, for streaming music and media. The Find N3 is no exception, with OPPO adopting spatial sound (although you do need to have a compatible headset or earbuds for this to work).

OPPO Find N3

When folded the OPPO Find N3 is flat with a near-to zero gap between the two sides of the phone.

It’s super light too. At only 245g.

Battery is good for a day or two on a full charge up. The 4805mAh powercell was able to get me through two full days on normal usage. Gaming for a couple of hours chomped this back to a full day. If you’re caught short, a quick charge up for 15 minutes will usually get you around 50%.

OPPO Find N3

Now OPPO could have easily stopped here. The highly spec’d professional grade camera’s could have been enough. Right? Well, no, OPPO wanted you to know that you’ve got the most elite foldable smartphone there is. The box itself when opened, trays out like a presentation – and you also get a colour matching protective case (and yes OPPO still include the AC power brick too).

The OPPO Find N3 foldable smartphone is the ultimate in it’s class. Undercutting it’s competition on price and bringing way more to the table than ever expected.

If you’ve been using foldables before and looking to upgrade, or if you’re new to the foldable range and keen to jump in, the OPPO Find N3 is absolutely the smartphone you need to go for.

OPPO Find N3
OPPO Find N3 Foldable Review
Device details
Released: November (NZ) 2023
Device Name: OPPO Find N3
Chipset: Snapdragon 8 Gen 2
Memory: 16GB
Internal Storage: 512GB
Camera: F: 20MP + 32MPMP. R: 48MP wide, 64MP telephoto, 48MP ultra-wide
Battery: 4805mAh

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