New research has revealed that Kiwi households are in the midst of a poor-sleep epidemic with more than half (60%) of the nations’ parents admitting their children struggle at bedtime.

According to the study, commissioned by Signify, families are losing out on up to three hours of sleep per night, due to troubles with being able to drift into the land of nod.

Common factors contributing to bedtime restlessness included excessive energy (46%), having an overactive imagination (36%), being afraid of the dark (30%), general anxiety (25%) and excessive screen time (23%).
These sleep troubles are having a knock-on effect to parents, with 38% reporting that they’ve suffered from broken or poor sleeping patterns as a result of their child’s bedtime behaviour. One in ten parents (11%) state that it’s put a strain on their personal relationships or work life.

Philips Signify Eye Comfort LED Bulb

With the majority of kids not getting the recommended amount of sleep, Signify Eye Comfort believes small changes – such as to the lighting in a household – may support Kiwi families’ in rectifying their bedtime woes.

The study revealed that despite half (50%) of Kiwi parents understanding the negative impact of lighting on eyesight, only a quarter (25%) of parents believed it could negatively affect sleep patterns.

Responding to questions about lighting in the home, an overwhelming 91% of parents said they would change the lighting in their child’s bedroom in order to make a positive change to their wellbeing.

Jaimie Bloch, Clinical Psychologist and Behavioural Specialist says: “There are a number of factors that are contributing to Kiwi kids sleep troubles. Whilst some, such as a fear of the dark, may not have such have quick fixes – there is one that can make a noticeable difference to our ability to fall asleep better – and that’s lighting.

“Lighting is so important as it sets our circadian rhythm, or body clock, via light sensors within our eyes. Thereby, if we can create a lighting environment in the home that’s more attuned to relaxation – such as warmer lighting that has less glare – this will in turn support our body as it transitions into ‘sleep mode’.”

Philips Signify Eye Comfort LED Bulb

“We spend around a third of our lives asleep and our sleep-time plays a vital role in our bodies health – from clearing toxins to optimising brain function. Since even short-term sleep deprivation can significantly affect our wellbeing, it’s important we do what we can to ensure our children not only get the best sleep they can now, but that we set them up with positive relationship with sleep for the future.”

Simon O’Donnelly, Signify ANZ Marketing Director says: “We hope this research acts as a lightbulb moment to Kiwi parents. Lighting is a powerful tool to our overall happiness, yet many Kiwis don’t realise how simply changing the lighting in their home has the potential to change their lifestyle.

“By providing lighting solutions that deliver less glare and no visible flickering, installing Signify EyeComfort lighting is an easy way for Kiwis to improve their homes night-time environment.”

To find out more about Signify EyeComfort lighting and how they can support wellbeing in the home, please visit the Official website.

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