There are so many headsets that are perfect for gaming around at the moment and they keep getting slightly better every year.  It is always tough to know which ones to get, especially as the only priority is not sound quality but comfort too.  With the release of VR headsets which consume a large amount of your heads space I have been very skeptical to buy a new headset without knowing how it will fit with my PSVR.  Fortunately, the RIG4VR is here, with a stupid name, to be the first headset designed for PSVR.


To be clear I know the name of the headset is not that important and has no impact on how good a headset is. However, if anyone uses 4 in place of for in the name of a product, I am going to rip on it.  Having said that, it is the only thing I did not like about the headset, which is a pretty good position to be coming from.

When it comes to an audio headset the most important aspect is its sound quality.  I found that the RIG4VR did not provide the best quality sound on the market, but it is well above average and for most people including myself, that is not going to be an issue.  The microphone was the same, where it sounded really good, but not quite perfect, still well above any of the headsets I currently own though.

The RIG4VR has a lot of things that make it unique and really great to use for a headset, the first of which is its mic mute.  It is super easy to mute your microphone by just moving the mic up towards the headband until it makes a clicking sound and when it does that it is muted.  This is great for those of us with a lot going on in the house that want to quickly mute it to beg for your partner for more gaming time, but do not want the people you are playing with to hear that.

The mic is also super easy to pull out if you have no plans to use it as it just unplugs similar to a three millimetre jack plug.


That brings me to the next perk, its use of the three millimetre jack.  The headset itself as a little cable which plugs into one of the two extension cables.  One of which is the exact right length to plug into the PSVR connector and the other is long enough to be comfortable to use with the PS4/XB1 controller. The plug itself is firm enough to feel like it is actually connected and will not slip out easily.  It is one of these little details that would have been easy to overlook with a one cable to fit all but makes all the difference when using it.

The PSVR has done an excellent job of making itself lightweight and comfortable to wear and the RIG4VR is no different.  It is super light but still feels sturdy, even when I pulled it outwards with an unreasonable amount of pressure it did not feel like it was going to snap.  Added to this is the use of an elastic headband inside the headset which feels really good on the head where it uses mesh on the inside as well as the outside of the cup to allow some ear flow and make it not as hot to wear.


That is not to say it is not hotter than using earbuds.  If you get sweaty using VR like I do, then any headset is going to increase your temperature even more, but with the vents it was not quite as bad as I expected.  The foam and size of the ear cups were super comfortable which just seals home the entire headsets comfort levels.

RIG4VR is not the best headset on the market for sound quality, but as the headset to use with the PSVR I could not recommend it more.  Its comfort levels and the little design features including cable length and placement designed for the PSVR unit makes it the perfect headset to enhance your PSVR unit if the earbuds are not quite cutting it for you anymore.

Plantronics RIG4VR Review
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