The enigmatic Melbourne artist Woodes is one of the most exciting names in Australian indie music for a reason, today returning to share her new single ‘How Long I’d Wait’, which premiered last night with Bridget Hustwaite on triple j. 

The new single complete with a live string quartet, soaring electric guitars and the recognisable anthemic vocals of Woodes, captures you on the first listen. Woodes describing it best, “Firstly, I wrote this in the golden era around the start of the Game Of Thrones final season (Still sad about how it ended) I pictured a vivid oasis, like high garden. A sort of day dream space, over looking the sea. The word ‘Garden’ was the first part of the song and it all spiralled out from there.” 

“When I was in grade 6 in Primary school my report card noted that I daydreamed too much, even though I did get my work done, I was always in my own world. I think a lot of myself as a child looking at my choices, making my younger self proud when I unlock new levels, be it as a producer / writer, or as a friend or partner. When I was overseas I wrote How Long I’d Wait after a big block of time away from home. My friend Scott (who I wrote Dots with) was playing his guitar, a riff that felt reminiscent of the music I loved when I was a teenager. I sang this soaring note over the top, mumbling ideas, the word garden appeared. I have that moment where it jumped into being thin air to being a new song as a voice memo on my phone. I knew when I wrote it that this was the start of the new album. I’m learning patience and I’m very happy to be pulled out of my day dreams.”

Woodes’ ‘How Long I’d Wait can be streamed above.

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