Hailing from Cornwall, Charlie Bowdery is a writer, producer and performer of beats, melodies and words. 

Fusing elements of Trap, Rap, Hip Hop, Grime always with an Urban Pop oriented hooky and unforgettable chorus, Charlie has created his own unique sound.

Whilst tipping his hat to those who influence him, Charlie undeniably brings something new to the party. Immediate groove based upbeat melodies, with lyrics telling stories of everyday life as a young man dealing with the trials and tribulations of love, friendships, anxiety, aspirations and life. 

An experienced live performer, Charlie has gigged extensively in Bristol, London and is a favourite in the south west music and festival circuit. Having performed live at Boardmasters, Leopalooza, The Great Estate Festivals, and supports for James Arthur, Jess Glynne, Meadowlark, Hein Cooper and most recently playing the main stage at Nass Festival. 

Charlie Bowdery  - Tool Real

Speaking to the motivation behind Too Real, Charlie Bowdery shares:

“Everyone can relate to wanting something so badly, and being so close to achieving it, but having to deal with constant setbacks, knock-backs and the stress, anxiety and self doubt that go with that. But all the time having a deep rooted self belief and conviction that you can and are going to achieve it. “Can’t wait for the day I tell my Momma I made it”. Ultimately this song is for everyone out there with a dream, so f*ck the haters, you will do it. “positive vibes cause it is what you make it.”

Paying homage to his peers, this genre defying artist is destined for big things. Too Real is produced by OGKAY and was released on the 4th of July, 2019 and is taken off of Charlie’s album Clockwork – which is available to stream and download on all platforms.

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