Only the best of things are made to go together.

Mac and cheese, hotdogs and buns, G.I. Joe and Cobra and Pitaka’s MagEZ carbon fiber case and their Qi MagMount 10 watt wireless charger.

Pitaka sent us one of their MagEZ cases for iPhone 11 Pro Max and from it’s elite looking boxing when you first remove the case from the packaging you’ll notice two things straight away, how light-weight the case is and the quality of construction.

This is most definitely not one of those cheap cases you’d find at a thrift discount store or street market.

Popping your phone in to the case is easy enough. I have reviewed a few cases over the years and some take alot of persuasion and butt clenching to squish your phone in to without breaking your device.

The Pitaka MagEZ Case just clips on like a glove (to borrow a line from Ace Ventura).

The case has an enclosed magnet that is not visible or unslightly from the rear. The light carbon fiber construction allows a solid grip to any magnetic holder – but the built-in magnet is found next to the lens housing nearer the top of the case.

It might take a few goes when mounting on a magnetic phone holder, in your vehicle, until you find the sweet spot.

There is a rubber bezel around the lens housing which keeps your hone’s lenses off any flat surface when your phone is placed downward.

However – what the Pitaka MagEZ case is missing is protection of the glass. There is no lip on the side or top of the case surrounding the front of your smartphone. If you have one of these and you drop your phone face first – prepare to potentially have a smashed screen.

Pitaka Mag Case and Qi Desktop Mag Charger

Alongside the MagEZ Case is another product of Pitaka’s made for this case; the MagMount Qi Desktop 10 watt charger.

With a good solid ball joint base, the magnetic charger mounts your smartphone with the MagEz case on with a satisfying clamp feeling.

The provided micro-USB cable plugs in to the base of the magnetic charger and from here you will need to source your own AC adapter for the USB end to go in to. There is not one of those in the box, only the cable.

The MagMount charger will aim to fast charge with a maximum of 10 watts output.

At the stands base is a gel pad – this will prevent the desktop stand from sliding about on a smooth surface.

I can also see that the MagMount charger could be used in vehicles in two ways.

If your dash has a smooth flat surface you could easily mount this in your vehicle and plug the USB cable in to cigarette lighter adapter, or if you already have a ball joint mounting bracket in your vehicle the magnetic charging bit of the MagMount charger should be able to connect on to this.

I would’ve liked to see an AC adapter provided being that the sole purpose of the MagMount Qi Desktop charger is to be used within the home. Nonetheless an existing phone charger with a USB socket is going to do the trick.

Made for eachother and solely both quality, I was impressed with both units and the MagEZ magnetic case is the easiest case I have ever had to fit on to a phone. Ever.

Pitaka Mag Case and Qi Desktop Mag Charger
Pitaka MagEZ Case & Qi Desktop Charger Review
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MagEZ Smartphone case
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