The film Voyagers is a futuristic space odyssey for Lord of the flies.

If you have read or seen that old classic, you will soon realise the similarities with the characters and storyline which asks the question “What would happen if a bunch of teenagers were in charge?”

The answer you soon find out is absolute chaos.


It is a mix of the unknown, along with hormones running high and acting out with lack of what the consequences it might have. Completely consumed by fear, lust and an insatiable hunger for power.

These kids were breed and put on a ship with the knowledge that they will never reach their destination, but instead their grandchildren would. It is the ultimate sacrifice for the greater good.


They essentially hold the cards for the future generation and gives them the choice to be responsible or completely selfish, giving a glimpse of what humans can be like at their core.

Things get pretty crazy if there are no set rules and this is what made this film interesting and an enjoyable watch.

Voyagers (Universal – 2021) Review
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