A family with a dark history.

A couple that wanted another daughter take matters into their own hands to ensure that their only child Ellie (Emma Draper) had a sister.

But rivalry between the young Ellie and her new perfect step sister and the lack of a mother’s love for the new daughter things begin to take a more sinister turn where truths and realisations are awakened once the now adult and pregnant Ellie returns home.


Her now aging mother takes care of their ailing father while packing up the family home. A home that has been witness to moments that had been kept in the dark for decades.

Reunion is a slow paced film. Although horror, it would be fair to say that this one is mixed-genre. I won’t reveal why…

Although the narrative is slow, it is suited to this film as it gives you what you need when you need it and has enough sense of creepiness to keep you on edge.

A definite watch for horror fans.

Reunion - Film Review
Reunion (Miss Conception Films) Review
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