Technology enthusiasts will benefit from an additional year of 5G for free, as Vodafone NZ announced today it is delaying the expected $10 monthly add-on charge for 5G through to July 2021.

This comes as the company is gearing up to further strengthen its 5G network as lockdown restrictions continue to ease.

Carolyn Luey, Consumer Director, explains: “We remain incredibly committed to continuing to bring next generation mobile technology, 5G, to more New Zealanders and expanding our existing nationwide 5G network as soon as possible. The pandemic has proven connectivity is more important than ever, and we want our customers to have access to the best network technology available.

Vodafone NZ - 5G

“To thank early adopters and existing customers for their loyalty, at a time when the discretionary spend of many New Zealanders is impacted, we have decided to delay the $10 monthly add-on charge for 5G for one year. We also believe there will be a greater number of 5G-connected devices and handsets available by then.

“This means existing Vodafone mobile customers can get 5G for free for another year, and then to access 5G from 1 July 2021 they can purchase a 5G add-on for $10 per connection, per month (or the equivalent Prepay term).

Vodafone NZ 5G

Vodafone NZ 5G_launch: Jason Paris & Tony Baird

“We’re proud to be investing in New Zealand’s next generation mobile infrastructure, and we are confident of the additional value that 5G will deliver as more and more amazing 5G applications emerge.”

Vodafone NZ launched 5G in parts of Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch and Queenstown in December 2019 and is the first and currently the only New Zealand company to operate a 5G mobile network.

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