A puppet that can tell a lie and a Pinocchio story that you’ve never experienced before.

There’s definitely no Disney tropes here as you awake as P, a robotic puppet that is different from others of his ilk.

Puppets roam the city of Krat, serving their individual purposes, made possible by the power source known as Ergo.

They’re automated, perform their duties well and most definitely do not like P so much. The puppets also rebelled against mankind.

Lies of P is played in third person in a darkened, Victorian utopian environment.

Lies of P

You are on a search for your creator Geppetto. Only he knows how to stop the marauding puppets, but he is missing.

You’re eventually given a lantern by a mysterious lady called Sophia which contains a cricket called Gemini.

You must battle your way through the mean areas of Krat not only against other puppets but also a few remaining masked humans that have gone, well, a bit insane, known as the Stalkers.

Exploring Krat and you’ll find hidden items and pathways, kill an enemy and gain more Ergo.

But it’s the unlevelled difficulty spikes that make Lies of P the challenge it is.

Lies of P

To the likes of Dark Souls, You’ll find yourself dying over and over again. While the game itself is narrative driven and you will speak with other NPCs, humans and puppets alike, the enemy around the corner can be make or break.

You’ll very quickly get up to speed with the blocking mechanic – but this won’t save you either, depending on the enemy you’re up against.

The bosses, although graphically genius, can be a frustrating challenge, however more rewarding when you do eventually beat them.

Lies of P

Lies of P has a few story arcs. P can lie. This will determine your story you play through and the game that you experience.

Lies of P also has an RPG quality about it. While I tend to not label the game an RPG, you can equip differing weapons and these as well as your abilities can be boosted.

Lies of P is a gloomy cold game. Unforgiving to the player, yet both immersive and rewarding at the same time.

If you’re up for a gothic twist on a well known fable and feel that you deserve a lethal challenge to your adventure gameplay, Lies of P will not disappoint.

Lies of P
Lies of P (Xbox Series X) Review
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Released: August 2023
Rating: M15+
Platforms reviewed: Xbox Series X
Genre: Action, adventure
Developer: Neowiz, Round 8 Studios
Publisher: Neowiz, Fireshine

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