A man alone, isolated, with his pig.

But this is no ordinary pig, its trained to find truffles – his own lifeline to his isolated existence.

The pig is also his only companion.

A business partner, of sorts, a wanna be heavyweight in the business world who is also a bit of show off that lacks any real confidence is the man’s only visitor.

Pig - Madman Films

Coming regularly out to the lone man’s cabin to collect truffles which he on-sells.

That lone man with his pig who lives in the heart of nowhere is Robin (Nicholas Cage), his regular visitor, Amir and it’s not too long until the two need to team up.

One night a hillbilly couple break down Robin’s door and steal the pig.


Enlisting the help of Amir, Robin goes deeper in to the foodie underworld of Portland.
The puzzle of the stolen pig and Amir also have alot more in common than you’ll realize.

It’s also throughout this tracking down of his pig that more of Robin’s backstory and notoriety come to light.

Pig is a slow film told through Chapters, a mix of drama and action. But it does engage you and during so you feel for both Robin’s and the pig’s plight.

A damn fine story made in to an even better film. Pig is not to be judged by its cover – there’s a lot of cinematic meatiness to be had.

Pig (Madman Entertainment – 2021) Review
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