Pilot Sports, the colorful cartoony arcade flight game from Wild River and Z-Software, launches on Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 later this year.

Pilot Sports harkens back to the co-op classics of yore where fun with friends on the same couch was more important than online leaderboards. The colorful cartoon aesthetic speaks to all ages and all types of players, from casual to experienced. Whether playing at a party game to lighten the mood or for parents to play with their little ones, Pilot Sports offers something for everyone.

Over 50 courses and seven types of challenges offer thrilling reasons to take to the skies. Five different aircrafts – airplane, jetpack, parachute, and two types of hang gliders offering the ability to change the way players tackle different obstacles. Eight playable characters ensure that anyone playing looks the way they want. The sunny, tropical island surrounded by a picturesque ocean accompanied by cheerful guitar tunes makes for a perfectly relaxing backdrop for casual gamers, families, any and everyone.

Pilot Skies is due to land this Fall (U.S. time), final release date is still to be determined.


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