OPPO’s Reno12 Pro is here and it really does put AI photography in the hands of everyone.

Undercutting competitors of similar AI ‘powered’ smartdevices, The OPPO Reno12 Pro not only has killer cameras, you can also tweak and edit your pics like a pro.

Under the hood, the OPPO Reno12 Pro has 512GB storage coupled with 12GB RAM.

More than enough to store your vids and photo’s and enough memory to keep you multitasking and mobile gaming.

A Mediatek Dimensity 7300 processor crunches the data while a near-to bezel-less 6.7 AMOLED screen just pops in crystal clear detail. The phone itself is wafer thin and feather light.

OPPO Reno12 Pro

Camera wise you’ve got a main rear at 50MP (wide), which is joined in a triple array with another 50MP (telephoto) and a 8MP (ultrawide).

OPPO didn’t hold back on the selfie camera either, with this coming in at 50MP (wide).

Now for those AI features.

All based on your photography, the artificial intelligence built in to the OPPO Reno12 Pro is next level.

Did you blink as the photo was snapped? Not a worry, the Reno12 Pro’s smarts will sort that, even with a group shot. The AI does very well on this. You can even AI yourself or a friend with a personalised avatar or dress them up.

Removing objects or photo-bombers from a pic is also sorted. Kind of. Like most ‘object removal’ AI’s depending on the background there can be a smudge, or even traces of the object and the Reno12 Pro is no exception to this.

OPPO Reno12 Pro - object removal

If a shot is taken during rapid movement, the Reno12 Pro can try and adjust this in to a clear HD photo. Results vary though.

There are the usual camera options, from Portrait through to Night (low light photography).

This said, Night mode is actually one of the best I’ve tested so far. It gives a more natural lighting environment to an otherwise pitch black shot, without over saturating colours or brightness.

OPPO Reno12 Pro - Night mode

The OPPO Reno12 Pro is the mobile photography phone to have right now. And to make sure the AI smartphone can keep up with you OPPO have powered the Reno12Pro with a 5,000mAh battery.

While there is reverse charging, you need to cable in. No wireless charging on the OPPO Reno12 Pro.

If this was intentional or an oversight, not too sure, but it seems like a feature nowadays that should be mandatory on any mid to top tier handset.

OPPO Reno12 Pro

Despite this, OPPO have built a top-tier smartphone with the Reno12 Pro, but they haven’t priced it at top-tier level.

When compared with similar models from other manufacturers the Reno12 Pro undercuts by well over $1K.

Truly placing AI photography smarts in to a beautifully designed and finished device with a price point reflecting the current cost of living struggles, the OPPO Reno12 Pro is a smartphone that needs to be on your upgrade-to list.

OPPO Reno12 Pro
OPPO Reno12 Pro Review
Device specs

Released: July 2024
Device Name: OPPO Reno12 Pro
Chipset: Mediatek Dimensity 7300
Memory: 12GB
Internal Storage: 512GB
Camera: F: 50MP. R: 50MP wide, 50MP telephoto, 8MP ultrawide
Battery: 5,000mAh

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