Google has officially announced the Nest Mini is coming to New Zealand. Nest Mini is a smart speaker that helps people get stuff done with the power of the Google Assistant.

The discreet and stylish speaker is designed to help control your smart home, providing hands-free assistance from Google Assistant, built with sustainable materials.

Nest Mini has a big and rich sound. Google’s expert audio engineers developed proprietary audio tuning software, allowing them to get the most out of the hardware with a full, clear and natural sound at every volume level. They didn’t want to suppress any auditory details, so what you’ll hear when listening to music on Nest Mini is authentic to the artist’s vision.

If you’re listening to music, podcasts and other types of media on Nest Mini, LED lights will light up as your hand gets close to the device, indicating where you can tap to adjust the volume. They’ve also improved Mini’s ability to hear you in noisy environments.

Nest Mini will dynamically adjust the volume of the Assistant, news and podcasts based on any background noise that may be happening at the time. So when the dishwasher is running and you ask for the weather, you’ll hear the Assistant’s response at a louder volume.

You can connect Nest Mini to multiple Nest speakers to build a sound system for your whole home. With more than one Nest speaker, simply create as many as you’d like in the Google Home app, and enjoy music, podcasts and more throughout your home.

And with stream transfer, you can fill your home with sound by moving your music, audiobooks and podcasts from one speaker to another with just your voice. Even transfer music or podcasts from your phone when you walk in the door. For example, if you’re hosting a dinner party, once you’re done cooking in the kitchen, just say, “Hey Google, move the music to the living room speaker” to keep the party going.

Google Nest Mini Speaker

The power of whole home audio goes beyond music, and it can be a helpful way to stay in touch with family members. With new Google Duo functionality on all Nest speakers, you can call your devices from the Google Home app, use the intercom feature to talk from device to device or even call someone on the other side of the world, for free, all you need is a Duo account and/or a Google Home or Nest smart speaker or display.

With the Google Nest Mini you can ask it questions, tell it to do things, get news updates, control devices around your home and more. Up to six people can connect their account to one Nest Mini, so if you ask your Assistant for help, it can distinguish your voice from other family members or housemates. As the Google Assistant adds functionality over time, Nest Mini will automatically update its software so you don’t have to lift a finger while it keeps getting better.

The Nest mini has soft rounded edges that blend in with your home. It comes in two colors: Chalk, Charcoal. They’ve also incorporated wall mounting capabilities into Nest Mini, so you can creatively integrate Nest Mini into your decor and save precious counter and shelf space.

Google Nest Mini Speaker

Google are committed to helping the planet, so the fabric covering on Nest Mini is made from recycled plastic bottles (meaning plastic bottles that have already been used and recycled). A single half-litre plastic bottle makes enough fabric to cover more than two Nest Mini devices. The external enclosure is also made from 70 percent post-consumer recycled plastic. Now, all Nest products are built using varying amounts of recycled plastics.

Like their entire Google Nest range, Nest Mini has been designed with your privacy in mind and, per their privacy commitments, there’s a switch for you to disable the mic. You can also access, review and delete your queries at any time via My Activity.

Once you set up Nest Mini, just say, “Hey Google, what can you do?” to get started. And once you do that, say “Hey Google, play a dance playlist” and get ready to party.

From June 25th, 2020 you can buy the Google Nest Mini for NZD $89 from Spark and other leading retailers including Noel Leeming, JB HI-FI, Harvey Norman and The Warehouse.


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