Proving that PlayStation IS the social gaming console to have Sony have released not just a reworked and revamped SingStar title but also a huge back catalog of tracks to purchase, download and serenade your friends with from the SingStore.

Yup, get your vocal cords ready and lubricated for the Ultimate Party, at your place with SingStar: Ultimate Party! Wahoo!

The game disc features 30 extremely diverse tracks, from country to blues, RnB to Pop of yesteryear and today. Even New Zealand’s very own Lorde has a spot with… yup, Royals.

SingStar: Ultimate Party

Swedish House Mafia Feat. John Martin to Pet Shop Boys, Lady Gaga to Avicii and more.

You will be belting out your best performances to bewildered friends, family and pets with songs; ‘I Love it’ through to ‘No Scrubs’. ‘Call Me Maybe’ and ‘Happy’. The list does indeed go on.

However it does not stop there. Jump into the Store and there you will find everything and anything that has ever been on a SingStar disc in the past decade, and then some.

SingStar: Ultimate Party

From singles through to song packs. Artists to genres. Decades to one hit wonders. YOU will indeed have the Party Started…

In what is becoming a trend in console gaming, you do not need the specific peripherals anymore.

In the past there was a Blue and a Red microphone. These plugged into your console and you held onto them with white knuckles, nervous twitches and baited breath waiting for the lyrics to be ready to shriek and shrill at.

SingStar: Ultimate Party

Now you can use a virtual mic via your smartphone. An app is available from both the Apple App Store and Google Play for Android.

This gives you a fully responsive microphone on your, er phone. Smart.

What’s more, there is no need for an audience, everyone can connect their phones to the game via WIFI with their apps and join you in harmony to duets, sing-a-longs or song battles.

SingStar: Ultimate Party

The scoring hasn’t changed much though.

You still have the lyric bars which correlate to the track that you are singing to and you must hit the right note to get them to light up. The gold bars are there too for bonus points.

Scoring is tallied up at the end of each track / game session and you get a title from that, more often than not ‘Newcomer’ or ‘Hopeful’, to the more expert monikers.

SingStar: Ultimate Party

If you have a PlayStation Camera it will also record video or snaps from your stellar living room performances for you to share or hide, depending on how you rate your own musical ability.

SingStar has always been the party winner. I’ve lost count as to how many drink fueled sessions with friends I’ve partaken in (alot of the time reluctantly).

With SingStar: Ultimate Party on PS4 and PS3 it’s more intuitive, easier than ever to navigate around the tiled menus and get straight into a song.

SingStar: Ultimate Party

Celebrating it’s 10th Anniversary (yup, I couldn’t believe it’s been 10 years either) SingStar has re-cemented itself as the Ultimate Party.

Must have. Need to own.

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