Boy, Black Clover loves their cliffhangers at the end of their blu-ray parts.  At the end of Season 2 Part 1 the team was all ensnared and it looked like an angry Asta was going to kill them.

Then Part 2 started with that resolution that went slowly until we found that the individual magic knights would fight to make a super team.  Now it is time for that tournament… well most of it.

Black Clover - Season 3 Anime

Black Clover Season 2 Part 2 covers the bulk of the tournament to join the Royal Knights for the upcoming battle with The Midnight Sun.

This has random teams of three Magic Knights compete against each other to destroy opponents crystals through a knockout tournament, with the season finishing off right before the final. This is where that annoying cliffhanger kicks in with 11 episodes of awesome battles falling short of the resolution. Thanks to the number of fights, some being an episode long, others being less than a minute, we get to see some absolutely crazy magical abilities.

Black Clover - Season 3 Anime

I’ve been 50/50 on the nature of some magical abilities, but over the length of the show I have come to enjoy the unique and silly nature of some. The captain of the Azure Deer squad, Rill really epitomises this with his paint magic. It kicks off with him doing massive fire and ice paint blasts that materialise in massive fashion on the battlefield, then later making seemingly sentient beings with his paint.

This style of having bizarre magic types is weird when we are used to magic being a lot more rudimentary, but over time this is one thing Black Clover offers viewers. Seeing something unique in the space is hard and as I said, it becomes charming then awesome by the end. I don’t want to spoil more because of the fun nature of discovering them.

The episodes started to zip by because of the high level of action and the battles being so regular and concise. As usual with some characters we get nice little back plots including the newly introduced Zora which make for interesting contained story moments. Then there is a bizarre Clover Clips special caused by Charmy eating some suspicious mushrooms.

If you aren’t a fan of Clover Clips you can skip it, if you are then that’s a sweet bonus.

Black Clover - Season 3 Anime

Speaking of bonuses, as usual this part has plenty of bonus features.  That includes the director of the english dub and some voice actors digging a little deeper into the show.  On top of that is the extra Clover Clip for fans of them, then there are the usual commentaries and subtitleless theme songs.

Season 2: Part 3 is an excellent chunk of episodes with plenty of action and new characters.  The tournament is a big step up from Part 2, hopefully it keeps the trajectory going in Part 4.

Black Clover - Season 3 Anime
Black Clover Season 02-Part 3 (Anime) Review
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