When we left off at season 2 part 1 Asta had unleashed his antimagic devil self, but the Witch Queen had taken control of Asta and hung all of his friends up on crosses.  It was a cracking cliff hanger and now in Black Clover: Season 2: Part 2 we get to see what comes of this huge moment.

Season 2: Part 2 is 9 episodes long and after the first couple concluded that cliffhanger it seemed like another great season was inbound.  There is a good building of Vanessa’s past, how she got to become a member of the Black Bulls and they leave the forest to go back to normal life. From here we get a lot of…well…meh.

Black Clover

The rest of the short season revolves around the Star Awards Festival where all the upper class people and magic users come together to celebrate and each house is given a rating in stars.  Surprising the crowd, the Black Bulls don’t come dead last like every other year. Then again, this is unsurprising to us as we have seen them do some great stuff over the last season.

This all builds to us seeing the Wizard King and the Clover King on the same stage and the interesting relationship the crowd has with the two.  They love the Wizard King who saved the kingdom, but the Clover King is the classic stereotype of a royal, i.e. a jealous, attention craving, temperful idiot.  He then announces the plan to build a team to go and attack the kingdom’s big enemy, the Midnight Sun.

Black Clover

The whole season is a bit, meh.  There is some character building which is good, especially given the show tends to bartrell ahead with plot, which is great, but we don’t get the massive amount of character work that anime shows tend to meander their way through.  It’s not bad, but it’s not what I have come to enjoy from Black Clover to date.

The extras are stock standard for the series, and by that I mean surprisingly good.  There are some behind the scenes bits which is fascinating learning how the english actors bring what they do to characters, which I always find fascinating given the series came from manga, was then japanese voiced, and then they did their thing.  The special edition of Clover Clips is great as I have a weird love for those clips at the end of episodes, with a textless version of the opening and closing videos.

The 9 episodes in Black Clover: Season 2: Part 2 arent the best of the series.  Two great episodes followed by a bunch of build up work for the next season.

Hopefully the build up pays off in Part 3, then the meh in this one will be well worth the hours.

Black Clover
Black Clover Season 02 – Part 2 (Anime) Review
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