The first part of My Hero Academia Season 4 was extraordinary.

The darkest storyline yet with some truly harrowing scenes thanks to the dynamics of the league of villains and Overhaul.

It was action packed and I couldn’t stop watching until the end. If you were expecting this to keep up in Season 4 – Part 2, it has a different pace and tone.

This half of the season kicks off by tying off the loose ends from Part 1.

Once these are done we head back to UA to see the students that failed their Provisional Hero License having a second crack at it. This is what we will get a lot of in the season, more of our development time with the characters.

My Hero Academia Season 4 - Part 2

The bulk of the season is based around the school having their festival. Usually this involves multiple schools but due to the risks caused by the league of villains they decide to keep it to classes in the school.

As such class 1-A tries to put on something that will entertain the other classes to make up for bringing all that stress to the school.

Alongside this plot we have a new villain team by Gentle Criminal and his sidekick La Brava. These two commit non-violent crimes to build a social media following and device to interrupt the UA festival to boost their subscriber count.

Then we have the development of Eri who is perpetually sad thanks to her time at the hand of Overhaul, because you know, he was a dick. Mirio and Midoria try to bring some light to her life as they don’t want her to go down a dark path, so they decide to take her to the school festival.

My Hero Academia Season 4 - Part 2

So what we wind up with is a handful of side stories that all hit at this one event. It makes the story enjoyable and likely super important for the next series.

It is tough after watching the awesome that was Part 1 to slow it down, but we do get a lot of time developing aspects of our lesser characters like Kyoko who definitely deserves the screen time.

The limited edition package is awesome. The box is made to have space for the Part 1 Blu-Ray, the Part 2 Blu-Ray and a hardcover art book that sits in the middle. In the place where you will put Part 2 is a removable box which contains some awesome art cards, a 48-page keyframe collection, some stickers, guitar picks, and a 3” todoroki acrylic keychain.

It is a cool collection of stuff for any MHA fan.

Season 4 Part 2 might not be as strong as Part 1 but it still does a great job of giving us some more class time, a new short villain story, evolving Eri’s character while spending a lot more time developing their relationship with Midoriya and Mirio.

I suspect this relationship is gonna be important soon.

My Hero Academia Season 4 - Part 2
My Hero Academia Season 4 – Part 2 (Anime) Review
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