When I reviewed Fire Force Season 1 Part 1 I was in for a ride I didn’t expect.

I had heard of it after seeing the movie Promare and being told they were similar, but its differences is what made the show a great watch, though the fan service moments felt unnecessary. With Season 1 Part 2 I was ready to see where they would take us.

Straight out of the gate, there is an odd choice of where to split the season here. After a few episodes of the first disc the intro and outro changes from what it used in Part 1 to a new one. The new intro  is way better as it tells some backstory in an animated puppet theatre which I dug. It does give a weird feeling though where it seemed like the appropriate cut off point between releases would have been when that changed.

Fire Force Anime

Weird hang up aside, boy this half of the series is good. I won’t spoil too much in case people haven’t seen Part 1 but we get an interesting finale to the events of part 1 quickly followed by Company 8 going deeper into the rabbit hole to find where the White-Clad and betrayers in the Fire Force are.

I don’t want to spoil the story because while it isn’t exactly deep, it is fun to watch and discover as the show goes on. We get some interesting new characters such as Vulcan who is an eccentric inventor that adds some new variety to this crazy company of heroes.

Fire Force Anime

This half of the series definitely feels like it stepped up a lot as there is less of the creepy humour and fan service, but they have still maintained the silliness the show does so well. Whether it’s Princess Hibana constantly referring to people as gravel and making someone sit on the ground, or references to Shinra looking evil, the show is by no means more serious than it was before. It feels a little less creepy.

The special features in the Blu-Ray are pretty good with three features that have voice actors talking about a certain episode which I always enjoy. I would have liked a feature where they took all the intro snippets giving backstory and slammed them together as a cool reminder of each little bit. Still the bonus features they have are well worth checking out.

Fire Force Season 1 Part 2 is a big step up from Part 1. The plot goes from strength to strength as it gets more serious while maintaining a certain amount of the silliness that we find so charming about the characters themselves.

I can’t wait to see what is around the corner in Season 2.

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Fire Force Anime
Fire Force Season 1 Part 2 (Anime) Review
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