WWE’s official YouTube channel has eclipsed another impressive milestone, surpassing 50 billion total views. The 50 billion total views are enough for more than six views for every person on Earth.

WWE’s channel – YouTube’s top-ranked in Sports ahead of the NBA, NFL, MLB, NHL, ESPN and NASCAR – is closing in on nearly 70 million subscribers.

WWE 50B Views on YouTube Channel

“Reaching 50 billion video views on YouTube is a testament to our compelling storylines, larger than life Superstars, and the strength of the WWE brand globally,” said Jayar Donlan, WWE Executive Vice President, Advanced Media. “We are proud to set the standard for premium content on YouTube and are thankful for the 67+ million subscribers and members of the WWE Universe who helped us achieve this milestone.”

The channel combines premiere in-ring highlights from Raw, SmackDown, pay-per-views, NXT, NXT UK and 205 Live, incredible access with exclusive interviews, the latest news from WWE Now and live event coverage with WWE Kickoffs, Watch Alongs and WWE’s The Bump.

Check out WWE’s official YouTube channel here.

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