From ride sharing to flipping fashion, the ‘Side Hustle’ has become increasingly common for the ambitious youth looking to supplement their income by monetizing passions and skills outside of their day job.

Gaming and esports has boomed in recent years but recent research by Lenovo Legion shows that many gamers are unsure of how to turn their passion into a viable income generator (81%).

With only 37% of respondents having considered a career in streaming, Lenovo Legion has collaborated with Click Management – the leading management company representing Australia’s largest gaming and technology influencers. 

Lenovo Legion Epprenticeship

Aiming to promote streaming as a viable side-hustle for hobbyists looking to monetize their passion, Lenovo Legion and Click Management will give one streamer the opportunity to learn from the best in the business with exclusive mentorship.

As the second phase of their successful Epprenticeship program, Lenovo Legion will offer ANZ gamers the chance to take their passion for gaming to new heights with a prize that includes Lenovo Legion equipment – valued at over $3000 AUD – and two money-can’t-buy mentorship opportunities with the Click Management team. This will include a 1:1 session with CEO and co-founder, Grace Watkins, and one of Australia’s most successful and beloved streamers, Elliott Watkins – A.K.A Muselk.

CEO of Click Management, Grace Watkins, who works with some of the country’s most successful gaming influencers said, “Streaming continues to be an immensely lucrative and rewarding space and, in many ways, is the perfect ‘side hustle’. Many successful streamers that we’ve worked with started their careers while holding down a day job or studies. We’re looking forward to collaborating with Lenovo Legion for phase II of their ‘Epprenticeship program to share some valuable advice on how to take a passion for streaming to a new level.”   

Lenovo Legion Epprenticeship

Gaming Business Development Manager for Lenovo Legion, Ben Williams, explained why Lenovo has launched their second Epprenticeship.

“Off the back of overwhelming support for the first Epprenticeship, we wanted to give ANZ gamers another chance to kick-start their dreams in this great industry. Earlier this year, we saw hundreds of applicants across Australia and New Zealand demonstrate their passion for a career in the industry”, explained Williams.

“The first Epprenticeship winner, Amy Campbell, has become a part of the Legion family and is beyond expanding her knowledge of viable careers in gaming, she has now gone on to start to build one! This time around, we will be offering one winner the opportunity to win prizes and mentorship that will help them launch their side-hustle dreams”.

 How to apply

Lenovo Legion is looking for an entertaining,  passionate and driven gamer who is ready to take their streaming skills to the next level with tips from some of top streaming talent in the country – along with some up and coming streamers.

If you can shoot the breeze while you shoot the competition, score a goal while you score the last laugh, level up while you level with your fans – then submit your application via their official website

A gamer’s dream, this opportunity will team you up with established gaming icons to teach you the pillars of a successful career in gaming. To enter, hopeful applicants should head to official website to submit a short video detailing why you want to be the next Lenovo Legion Gaming Epprentice and demonstrating your passion for gaming.

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