We have more information about this year’s Easter event for The Settlers Online and the related content update. the added features will allow players to acquire more building space in their kingdoms, to experience brand new tasks also on a newly created Easter Adventure island.

The Easter event will introduce Stripy eggs as an event resource, the special Easter basket building that is able to accommodate up to 180 settlers, the new Swift Supplier marshal for PvP as well as a set of buildings (Iron Mine, Iron Smelter, Iron Weapon smith) that can be upgraded on level-6-status.

The Settlers: Easter Island

With the help of special items, it is possible to remove rubble, rocks and mountains from home islands and to profit from spots that were previously usable. Implementation of this feature allows fans to enhance visual aspects of their settlements, as well as to boost the overall productivity and efficiency levels.

The Settlers: Easter Island

The second part of the update brings new types of tasks that take place on external maps and can be completed without involvement of military units.

One of the challenges is connected to missing twins: Two children get lost in the nearby swamps and the player is asked to bring them back safely to the village. The team behind The Settlers Online believes that this content enrichment will address one of frequent requests coming from fans that prefer more peaceful gameplay.

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