Where better for evil to hide than in a Convent.

Set in the late 1940’s just after WWII in small town Romania, the suicide of a young nun triggers an investigation by the Vatican.

A senior priest Father Burke and a young Nun called Sister Irene who has yet to take her vows are sent to the formidable and foreboding medieval castle with the escort from a French-Canadian traveler known as Frenchie who discovered the body of the Nun still hanging from the high rise window she jumped from.

As the investigation continues throughout the expansive Gothic Convent it doesn’t take long for the demon residing inside to make itself known.

Plaguing the priest and young nun with terrors from their past The Nun doesn’t take long to throw the audience in to the dark world of The Conjuring series – this one being a prequel to the first film (The Conjuring 2013).

The Nun had a lot going for it, an evil Nun inside a dark Convent. An evil conjured up centuries ago, before the Convent was a Convent and an evil so powerful that it’s reach went beyond the Convent and was affecting the nearby township. But the film at times suffers from lazy writing and cliché jump scares – which were predictable.

Sadly this was a bit of a let-down for me – as was the plucky comic relief of Frenchie.

That said, horror fans will not leave the theatre too disappointed.

The Nun flows in the same flavour as prior James Wan films (Insidious Trilogy, Annabel and The Conjuring films) but it lost its edge of seat factor and surprises replacing those with stock standard horror motifs of tried and true.

I’m one of the biggest horror film fans that I know of so I know that I can be hard to please. With this in mind I love the Insidious films, myself having rewatched the first Insidious film around six or seven times.

The Nun is a watch once only for me and while it answers some questions from the first two Conjuring films, making that series a trilogy, it was not the best film to round up the stellar series.

For most folk that are brave enough to visit the Convent and take on The Nun, it will be enough to keep them awake for weeks.

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The Nun (Warner Bros.) Review
Film Details

Year: 2018
Rating: R16
Running Time: 96 MIN
Genre: Horror
Director: Corin Hardy
Starring: Demián Bichir, Taissa Farmiga, Jonas Bloquet
Production Studio: New Line Cinema, Atomic Monster Productions, The Safran Company
Distributor: Warner Bros. Pictures, Roadshow

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