High end smart devices are expensive.

And while it’s a thing to have the latest Apple or Samsung flagship, at a cost, it also means that you are constantly carrying around in your pocket or bag a smartphone that likely set you back a couple of thousand dollars.

Then there’s those accidental drops. No longer are mobile phones built like bricks (the Nokia 3310 days). One short drop and boom it’s all over.

So the solution has always been to add a protective case. But not all cases are the same and definitely not of the same quality. Some might super cool but offer no protection. While others can be bland and boring but protect your phone like an invisible force-field.

Tech21 know smart device protection. And they do it both with quality and style.

Tech21 EVOCheck Note 10 Plus Case

Recently STG received their EVOCheck  for Samsung Note 10+.

The black rimmed flexi side silicone case wraps your Note 10+ in soft, durable and all protecting silicone, tested and designed for long and short falls to soft and hard surfaces.

The back of the EVOCheck is shock resistant, reinforced and virtually unbreakable all the while still being transparent enough to show off that fancy phone logo, and even to a point, the colour gradient of your phone.

The EVOCheck for Note 10+ has the mentioned soft gel-like sides with indent buttons for Volume and Bixby / Power On or Off. But, Tech21 took the styling a few steps further and made this case with interchangeable buttons.

Tech21 EVOCheck Note 10 Plus Case

Yep, you can stick with the pre-fitted Black ones, but in the box there is also Green and Yellow.

Super easy to swap them out and it does give your phone protection a bit of an edge and you can style your case to reflect you, your mood or your tastes.

Like a suit of armour, the EVOCheck is a serious guardian for your Note 10+ with raised super cushioning top and bottom lip which will protect your device if it falls face first, also absorbing the shock so your Note 10+ doesn’t. The sides of the EVOCheck are slim bezeled so as to not interfere with the edge functionality of the device.

Tech21 are serious about protecting your best friend, the extension of you; your smartphone and the EVOCheck Note 10+ case is a prime example of this.

If you have rushed out or upgraded to the new Samsung Galaxy phablet this Tech21 EVOCheck is a necessity.

Tech21 EVOCheck Note 10 Plus Case
Tech21 EVOCheck Note 10+ Case Review
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Final Verdict
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