Samsung NZ and it’s partners have informed us here at Shane the Gamer (StG) of the outcome and remedies for their Note7 smartphone issue that occurred late last year.

Following in-depth investigations over several months, Samsung Electronics today announced at a press conference in Korea the root causes of the Note7 incidents and the new quality and safety measures in place in response investigation findings.

DJ Koh, President of Mobile Communications Business, Samsung Electronics, shared detailed results of the investigation and expressed his sincere apology and gratitude to Galaxy Note7 customers, mobile operators, retail and distribution partners and business partners for their patience and continued support.

In New Zealand, 98% of affected Note 7 devices have been returned to Samsung.

Investigations examined every aspect of the Galaxy Note7 including hardware and software, and the productions process, such as assembly, quality assurance testing, and logistics.  Samsung developed a large-scale testing facility where about 700 Samsung researchers and engineers replicated the incidents by testing more than 200,000 fully-assembled devices and more than 30,000 batteries.

Koh was joined by executives from UL, Exponent and TUV Rheinland, leading independent industry groups that conducted their own investigations into various aspects of the Galaxy Note7 incidents.

Speakers included Sajeev Jesudas, President, Consumer Business Unit, UL, Kevin White, Ph.D, Principal Scientist, Exponent and Holger Kunz, Executive Vice President Products, TUV Rheinland AG.

The keynote speakers discussed the findings of the investigations in depth and Samsung unveiled the new measures it has taken to respond to the incidents.

The investigations confirmed that the Note 7 issues were caused by two separate faults with the two different batteries involved in the Note7 issue.

Battery A had a defective part on the upper-right corner of the Jelly-Roll, which resulted in a deflection of the electrode and weakened the separator between the two electrodes, creating multiple paths for a potential short circuit. Whereas Battery B had melted copper on the negative electrode area facing the positive tab, indicating a short circuit had occurred in that location.

Based on what the company learned from the investigation, Samsung implemented a broad range of internal quality and safety processes to further enhance product safety including additional protocols such as the multi-layer safety measures and 8-Point Battery Safety Check. Samsung also formed a BatteryAdvisory Group of external advisers, academic and research experts to ensure it maintains a clear and objective perspective on battery safety and innovation. Battery Advisory Group members include Clare Grey, Ph.D., Professor of Chemistry, University of Cambridge, Gerbrand Ceder, Ph.D., Professor of Materials Science and Engineering, UC Berkeley, Yi Cui, Ph.D., Professor of Materials Science and Engineering, Stanford University, Toru Amazutsumi, Ph.D., CEO, Amaz Techno-consultant.

In a full global statement, Samsung Electronics has said; “Throughout the last several months, Samsung has invested all of our efforts and substantial resources to finding the cause of the Galaxy Note7 incidents. Our investigation examined every aspect of the Galaxy Note7 including hardware and software, and related processes, such as assembly, quality assurance testing, and logistics. Through a large-scale testing facility where approximately 700 Samsung researchers and engineers replicated the incidents by testing more than 200,000 fully-assembled devices and more than 30,000 batteries, Samsung finally concluded the cause of the issues.

 In addition to our own investigation into these incidents, we also retained independent industry expert organisations, including UL, Exponent and TUV Rheinland, to provide objective, unbiased analysis. Our investigation, as well as the investigations completed by three independent industry organisations, concluded that batteries were found to be the cause of the Note7 incidents. Nonetheless, we provided the target for the battery specifications for the innovative Note7, and we are taking responsibility for our failure to ultimately identify and verify the issues arising out of battery design and manufacturing process prior to the launch of the Note7.

We have taken several corrective actions to ensure this never happens again, including the implementation of a multi-layer safety measures protocol at the product planning stage, and an 8-Point Battery Safety Check.

 We look forward to moving ahead with a renewed commitment to safety. The lessons of the past several months are now deeply reflected in our processes and in our culture.

 More than ever, we are committed to earning the trust of our customers through innovation that redefines what is possible in safety, and as a gateway to unlimited possibilities and incredible new experiences.”

StG’s view on the Note7 issue is that Samsung could not have done any better or the protection and satisfaction to their customers. Acting upon the resolution instantly with no thought of consequence to their business, Samsung truly looked after consumers and their retail partners in a self less way.

Mobile devices, whether Samsung or another brand will always be prone to having an issue or two for a specific model – but how the issue is dealt with reflects the honesty and integrity of the company. Samsung handled the issues superbly.


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