Namco Bandai Games just announced Saint Seiya Brave Soldiers will be exclusively for the PlayStation 3 as the Saint Seiya series comes alive in Australia and New Zealand as a new fighting game.

Developed by Dimps, Saint Seiya Brave Soldiers will feature playable characters from the Sanctuary, Poseidon and Hades arcs within the Saint Seiya universe.

Players will realize their dreams of battling the most vile and evil characters from the Saint Seiya universe in one-on-one bouts that take place through the storylines from the anime series. The game will present enhanced graphics bringing the animated series to life like never before.

Saint Seiya Coming to PS3 - News

Saint Seiya Brave Soldiers also gives players the ability to execute devastating combos and special moves as seen in the anime. As you progress through the game, you will access the ability to enhance chosen character’s hit-point, strength levels and Cosmos Power Gauge.

Saint Seiya Brave Soldiers Collector edition will include the exclusive Saint Cloth Myth EX Pegasus Seiya (New Bronze Cloth) – Original Color only available with the game; this 16 cm figurine is part of the Cloth Myth Ex Edition.

Saint Seiya Coming to PS3 - News

 “Saint Seiya Brave Soldiers Collector Edition will be a Must have for all true SAINT SEIYA lovers!”  said Olivier Comte, Senior Vice President, Namco Bandai Games Europe. “Through close collaboration with Bandai Collector, we’re delighted to be able to offer fans an opportunity to acquire a truly unique and limited figurine, specifically designed for the release of Saint Seiya Brave Soldiers, and only available in the video game’s collector edition.”

Saint Seiya Coming to PS3 - News

Saint Seiya Brave Soldiers and its Collector Edition will be available this November  (2013) in Australia and New Zealand.

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