I had a few appointments my first being with Wargaming known mostly for the War series with World of Tanks, World of Warplanes and soon World of Warships due for release in July 2015.

I did ask Wargaming if they ever considered putting all these war games into one big battle of the century game. Turns out it wasn’t a new idea, they just realise the technological challenges. It will be some feat having all the elements running smoothly and making sure it is a balanced experience but they didn’t seem to say it was definitely off the table. One can always hope.

Another game that definitely ventures away from their usual style is Master of Orion.

Master of Orion 2015

This 4X title is a reboot and I got some personal introduction to the current level of gameplay available. It did look impressive and I’m glad to say I will be covering this particular game in a bit more detail but with great E3 comes little time so onto the next one.

Gaijin Studios showed off an MMO war game of their own, Crossout. This one had some familiar features and look that echoed popular titles such as Mad Max and Twisted Metal.

It is a car combat game with a big focus on creativity. All vehicles need to be created as there is no pre-set blueprints or cars. Basic level components are provided to start off with.


The maps and environments are on the duller side of things as it is set in a post-apocalyptic world, textures and detail weren’t the best but I don’t think you’d be focusing on this come game time and the game is not yet finished either.

There are a broad range of weapons to attach to your homemade vehicles allowing to cater to your destruction needs. After creation you can test them out and see issues or weak points your vehicle might have.

The game seemed to have a good balance system. The more fire power or heavy duty ware you used the more power and framework the vehicle might need. New and better parts are randomly dropped in gameplay and improved items can also be created by combining old ones. I like the creativity and destruction meeting in one place. You create to destroy.


Virtual Reality is all the rage at the moment and I also had a go with PlayStation’s take on it with Project Morpheus.

I played a few simple demos simply showcasing the idea. Kitchen was an interesting experience.

You found yourself sitting tied up on a wooden chair in a dank and dirty kitchen with your assumed companion in the corner. Soon it all takes turn for the worse with an almost The Ring individual dragging him away and soon returning his head your feet.

Now while I was fully aware this was all fake it certainly didn’t stop my heart from beating just that much faster.

Project Morpheus

The other game The London Heist also managed to very quickly give a new level of immersion that wasn’t so comfortable. Watching a big burly bald guy coming at you with a blow torch was an intimidating experience to say the least but I loved that something could do that to me so quickly. I mean, you know in your head it’s not real but VR really does seem to give a whole new level of immersion.

A couple issues I had was while what they showed was emotionally invoking I wasn’t sure where they could go from there. I simply couldn’t imagine a full length game.

I do sincerely hope all those currently developing VR games for Project Morpheus prove me wrong.

The other downside was motion sickness. I do like to pride myself on not being the kind of person to get it. After playing a few minutes of Eve Valkyrie I was more than glad when the demo was over as I couldn’t help but feel very nauseous. Maybe it was just the lack of good coffee but it wasn’t pleasant all the same.

London Heist

One very big upcoming title I got my hands on was with EA’s Star Wars Battlefront.

Even with a VIP/Media access I still waited over an hour to get some hands on time with this much anticipated title. I can say it was worth it as I quickly forgot how long I had been waiting once in gameplay. The teams were massive. Playing as the Storm Troopers coming to destroy the rebel base on Hoth was a fun experience.

The gameplay was fluid and textures and general environment were detailed and gorgeous. A particular fun point for me was obtaining an AT-ST and destroying the enemy by using both my high powered weaponry and simply stepping on them.

Star Wars Battlefront

Star Wars Battlefront did of course have your generic FPS aspects but at least they were all well done.

How can anyone complain about a game set in the amazing Star Wars universe? Even being the bad guys was so much fun. I got to experience both the AT-ST and AT-AT and it was a fun and empowering experience.

I feel it has good potential but I am still skeptical, as with any mostly multiplayer online FPS, about this games lasting appeal.

Star Wars Battlefront

My last order of business was an unnamed experience which I was super excited to find out was a close up and personal tech demo using Halo Warzone to showcase Microsoft’s new Hololens.

This technology had already impressed me but I was beyond astounded to see this for myself. Seeing a mission briefing for a Warzone game showing a 3D layout of the map and targets, seeing the holograms was an experience on a whole new level.

This was so far (and I’m sure will stay as) the biggest highlight of my E3 experience.

Halo Warzone Hololense

I had long day to say the least but getting to experience and see what the next big things will be in the world of video gaming was and honour all of its own. I hope to be sharing a lot more of the upcoming games and experiences E3 had to offer this year.

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