The Professor who lives for challenges and unraveling mysteries is back with his original pals and is making his debut in glorious 3D on the Nintendo 3DS.

Pack jammed with over 150 new brain teasing puzzles and mini-games the cell shaded, hand drawn style title will see you embarking on an adventure set after the events of Professor Layton and the Spectre’s Call (Nintendo DS).

Being the fifth game in the series; the original cast returns. Layton, Emmy and Luke, this time around they must stop the mysterious and nefarious Masked Gentleman from the terror he is inflicting upon the city of Monte d’Or, known as the City of Miracles.

A Carnival celebrating the thriving towns’ 18th Anniversary that the three were attending turns into chaos as the villain uses the power of Dark Miracles to destroy the festivities and turn the civilians into stone.

Why? Well, I suppose, because he can!

And due to the fact that he may possess the Mask of Chaos. An ancient relic that empowers anyone who wears it.

The story is divvied up quite nicely, between present time and Layton’s past.

For the first time (those that have followed the series will really appreciate this) you will learn more about the Professor’s past and even play as a younger Layton in order to unravel the present mystery of who, really, is this dark and disguised fiend.

Whilst in this younger version of our hero, there is a Game Mode which has been added. This new puzzle play addition sees you exploring Egyptian chambers, aiming to reach the Exit whilst working out puzzling obstacles and being taken on by Mummy’s.

You will also uncover, through flashbacks, why Archaeology is so important to Layton.

Aswell as the above, in the ‘Professors Trunk’ there is an additional set of three mini-games to work through; from Merchandising to controlling a Toy Robot and finally training a Rabbit to do Circus acts.

Separate from the Main Story, a little odd in parts, but still enjoyable.

The puzzles that you will face within the main gameplay are a mix of logic, maths, perception and in some cases; memory.

From trying to ascertain the correct date of closing a Shop, to Pizza flipping, touching the correct objects, finding hidden messages and more.

Puzzles are a huge part of gameplay to get through, but are also, somewhat distant to the narrative of the game. However the completion of them is required and flows with the main gameplay.

Mostly these Challenges are given by interacting with other in-game characters. Also if you miss a Challenge, it can represent itself again in a different part of the town.

If Completed they can be re-played at will via the Puzzle Index within the Main Menu.

Using the 3DS’ SpotPass feature, you will find upto 365 daily Challenges for download, which keeps this game fresh even after completing.

Some of the Challenges are really, really tricky, whilst others you can work out pretty much straight away.

Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask is a mix of two genres; Puzzle and Adventure.

As its predecessors have done on the DS, it is a mix that works well and has cemented the franchise as a brilliant on the go game for everyone.

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Genre: Puzzle / Adventure

Platform: Nintendo 3DS

Publisher: Nintendo

No. of Players: 1


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