Smarten up your home.

NanoLeaf have sent over to STG one of their NanoLeaf smart remotes.

Looking a bit like a extravagant hex puzzle the multi-sided and numbered white ‘ball’ (or cube?) is designed to work in tandem with your iOS 11 device and smart lights within your environment.

Whether you opt to use your iPhone or iPad you will need to do a minimal set up to get things automated.

On the packaging of the NanoLeaf Remote comes a QR code. Scan this in to your App. (If you lose the box the same code is inside the NanoLeaf Remote).

Powered by two standard AA batteries (included) the NanoLeaf Remote is not rechargeable but it will power itself off when not in use whilst retaining connectivity to your iPad or iPhone, providing it is close proximity.

Once powered on it will light up with a succession of coloured lights. It’s via the NanoLeaf smart App for i-Devices that you will set up the connection between your Remote and your smartdevice. It is also via the App that you sync up the Smart lights in your home within your Homekit.

So yes, you will need either the NanoLeaf tile lights or at best Homekit compatible smart lights.

The NanoLeaf Remote’s numbered sides can be customised for differing lighting effects and settings.

With a subtle vibrate, rotating the Remote to a different number on the fist sized unit will change the lighting setting.

Only compatible with Apple smartdevices, this does limit the NanoLeaf to users and narrows it’s use in all homes, with the shrinking Apple smart device market. This is a shame as it really is a cool innovation, so I hope to see a future Android adoption.

Still, if you are an i-Device user, take control and be smart at the same time with the NanoLeaf.

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NanoLeaf iOS Smart Remote
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