One of the things that has surprised me with My Hero Academia is how well it translates to a movie.

Tightening up some of the fluff they manage to contain a story that could easily be half a season into 90 minutes of action well, and My Hero Academia: Heroes: Rising is another example of this.

In an attempt to show that Heroes are still keeping the world safe, the students of U.A. High’s Class 1-A are sent to Nabu Island where there is a non-existent crime rate to get some experience as Heroes.  Unfortunately they found themselves right in harm’s way as the league of Villains are trying to help Nine who is able to steal powers, get his hands on a regenerative power that will make him borderline invincible.  The one person he finds with the power he needs is a boy on Nabu Island.

My Hero Academia - Heroes Rising

The whole movie is paced so perfectly for the hour and a 44 minute run time, where they fit the tight and fast plot with enough of the usual banter and silliness among classmates with each having moments to shine.  It easily could have been fleshed out for half a series, though I do appreciate the shift in pace as it’s a welcome change, but I will also be glad to return to another series of the show for more focus on each character.

There is not too much to say about the animation and voice work, because if you have seen the show before, you know what to expect.  It’s excellent as always with some extra flare on some of the animated sequences.  If you haven’t seen the show before then while I do recommend you go watch it first as it gives the nuances of some character relations, as well as elaboration on some of the flashbacks, but it should be enjoyable even for newbies as it is one excellent contained story.

My Hero Academia - Heroes Rising

There isn’t too much more to say about My Hero Academia: Heroes: Rising.  It is an outstanding movie that packs in an excellent plot with the heart and soul of a full series, but in one quick sitting.  It boggles my mind that they can pull something like this off, and I am so happy to have been able to enjoy My Hero Academia on the big screen.

My Hero Academia - Heroes Rising
My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising (Madman – 2020) Review
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