When we left off with Black Clover: Season 2 Part 3, the competition for Magic Knights to get into the Royal Knight team was at fever pitch and we were rolling into the final. It was a season that was packed with action, interesting new magic types, and absolute chaos. So based on previous patterns it makes sense the next stage will be a bit of a slowdown.

Black Clover: Season 2 Part 4 is seven episodes long and kicks off with the awesome finale to the tournament. Given it is a filler part, I am glad it’s a little more concise, and surprisingly it already has the Royal Knights getting into the Midnight Sun’s base.

Black Clover - Season 02

An extra short storyline has the Black Bulls’ hideout under attack when most of the team including Captain Yami are out on a mission.  We get a lot more insight into the weird character Gordon, which at this point I still find annoying, but at least he is a little more fleshed out. We also get an explanation for why the Black Bulls’ hideout changes so regularly which was… well it was unexpected.

The other thing this does is get a lot more screen time with Mereoleona. Like Asta, Mereoleona only seems to be able to speak by yelling. It’s good that Asta isn’t the only character yelling all the time, but I would personally prefer it if they fixed that by stopping Asta yelling as opposed to adding more yelling to normalise it.

Black Clover - Season 02

As usual the Blu Ray comes with a bunch of great behind the scenes content with the voice actors. I always enjoy watching them discuss what they brought and thought about different episodes. This one doesn’t come with any extra Clover Clips which was surprising.

As with the series usual pacing, this is the Part that is building up to a more exciting selection of episodes. This is definitely a better filler chunk, but it still doesn’t match the excitement of Part 3.  Hopefully we are gearing up for a cracking Part 5 because this chunk of episodes has certainly set a good platform.

Black Clover - Season 02
Black Clover S2 – Part 4 (Anime) Review
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