Reporting from Sydney, Shane the Gamer’s Darren Price, once again shares his experiences on day two of Australia’s largest gaming events; EB Expo 2013.

Whilst the EB Expo will open its doors again on Sunday for me, it’s over. What a couple days it has been. I’ve piloted huge mech in Titanfall, pushed my way through a zombie hoarde in Dying Light and fought in as a Roman gladiator in Ryse.

I’ve got to say, that Crytek’s Xbox One exclusive was the biggest surprise for me. Everything that I’ve seen or read about the game has put me off it. Playing the game reveal to me, not only how gorgeous it looks, but also how satisfying it is to play. Most of the other games that I looked, whilst very cool, were sequels, sidequels or prequel. It is always nice to see a new IP, especially one that gets me as excited as Ryse.

EB Expo 2013 - Day Two

The highlight of the day was watching the Australian National Series Finals for World of Tanks. Now I’ve never watched competitive gaming like this. Two teams battling it out for to win the opportunity to represent Australia in the World Cyber Games. The prize: $1,500 and an all-expenses paid trip to the WCG 2013 Grand Final in Kunshan, China. Congratulation to Australian Word of Tanks champions, SEA Cucumbers, who beat runners-up Avant Garde in an epic showdown.

EB Expo 2013 - Day Two

All in all an amazing couple of days. Roll on EB Expo 2014!

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