Blackrock Mountain is the second Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft Adventure.This single-player mode will challenge duellists to build decks, adapt strategies, and conquer new villains as they strive to add new cards to their collection!

Based on the World of Warcraft lore the inspiration for this adventure comes from one of the most treacherous of areas in all of Azeroth—Blackrock Mountain. Deep within its fiery depths, Ragnaros and Nefarian wage a brutal war for ultimate control of the mountain, and in doing so, have brought in malevolent creatures from all sides of the conflict to do their bidding.

Blackrock Mountain

In this new Adventure, players will encounter many of the same Dark Iron dwarves, flame elementals, and dragons as those found deep within several classic World of Warcraft instances including Blackrock Depths, Molten Core, and Blackwing Lair.

Much like with the first Adventure, Curse of Naxxramas, the wings of Blackrock Mountainwill open one at a time over a one month period.Players will be able to select Solo Adventures in the Hearthstone menu to access a new wing, opening up opportunities to duel all-newbosses and add even more cards to their collection.

Blackrock Mountain

Sinister bosses guard each wing of Blackrock Mountain and and players will be rewarded with sizzling new cards for each vile villain they defeat.

A total of 31 new cards can be earned upon completing this epic Adventure. After players earn Blackrock Mountain cards,they can be added to their constructed decks for use in other play modes. If players want their newly acquired cards to shine a little brighter, they’ll even be able to craft shiny golden versions.

Blackrock Mountain

There a Classic Challenges and these will test players’ skills with each class in duels using a specific premade deck. Emerge victorious to earn a Blackrock Mountain-themed card (one of the 31 new cards available in this adventure) for that specific class.

Blackrock Mountain

After defeating each wing, players can take on the far more challenging Heroic Mode. These fights are almost unfairly difficult, so unconventional decks and bold strategies may be required to conquer each fearsome challenge. Defeating Heroic Mode will grant the player bragging rights and an exclusive Blackrock Mountain card back!

There is also The Arena. After each wing is released, the cards available in that wing will be added to the Arena mix for everyone to play with, regardless of whether they’ve played through the Adventure.

Blackrock Mountain

Those who wish to delve deeper into the molten corridors of Blackrock Mountain will be able to purchase access to each subsequent wing with their hard-earned gold or with real money!

Players will also be able to preorder Blackrock Mountain, and will receive an exclusive card back that they can use immediately. Blackrock Mountain: A Hearthstone Adventure can be explored by the bravest duellists in April 2015.

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