Sony Network Entertainment International and Sony Computer Entertainment America, has just unveiled a redesigned PlayStation Store for the PlayStation 3 (PS3) to a bewildered public.

With no notification that the change was imminent from PlayStation NZ or AUS, the new store offers a completely redesigned, rich user interface, with easier search and powerful content discovery through the integrated catalog of more than 20,000 pieces of game-related content including downloadable games, add-ons and themes and over 100,000 Videos and TV shows.

The dramatic redesign which reflects the ‘Tiling’ format does indeed deliver an easier navigation, improved discovery and integrates game, video and applications as it is meant to.

Product pages also deliver in-depth information about purchases, giving users valuable content information, while providing a rich visual experience similar to the advanced high-definition games only found on PS3.

The new PlayStation Store is available now via an Update in Europe and New Zealand / Australia on all PlayStation Network connected PlayStation 3 consoles and is truly a change for the better. More organized, cleaner and way less cluttery.

What do you think? Have you updated the Store and used it? Is it better or worse?

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