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My Arcade, manufacturer of retro gaming products and classic console accessories, has licensed the rights for classic titles from legendary arcade game developer, Data East.

The centerpieces of the collaboration will be a series of unique Micro Players, miniature fully playable Arcade cabinets. The initial Micro Player cabinets to be released from the Data East vaults includes 80’s arcade classics BurgerTime, Bad Dudes, and Karate Champ. Each Micro Player cabinet uses artwork inspired by the original full-size arcade machine, making them unique, nostalgic, and a desirable collectable, being only 6 inches in height.

BurgerTime follows Peter Pepper in his quest to make the best burgers in the face of increasing kitchen chaos, whereas Bad Dudes is a side-scrolling beat ’em up that pits players against kidnapping ninjas and KarateChamp is the original one-on-one arcade fighter released back in 1984.

“To bring BurgerTime, Bad Dudes, and Karate Champ in their original form to a whole new generation of fans was a true labor of love,” remarked Crystal Dugan, My Arcade’s Marketing Manager. “These Data East Micro Players are a fun and nostalgic way to collect and play your favorite classic games, and are the perfect “small” gift idea for the holidays.”

There are many additional Micro Player titles slated for release in 2018, including Heavy Barrel, the top down military shooter and Caveman Ninja (Joe & Mac), the prehistoric dino fighting romp.

Currently available on Amazon or you can find out more HERE.



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