BandaiNamco have proudly released a new story trailer (above) for One Piece World Seeker.

The story takes place on a mysterious island of the New world devastated by war. Jail Island used to be called Jewel Island because of the value of its minerals, used for technological wonders, it allowed the Island to grow and prosper but this blessing quickly poisoned the life of the residents … Robbers, Pirates and Invaders quickly heard of this safe heaven and made it a difficult place to live.

Countless lost their lives and homes before the World Government brought back order to the island but at what cost… A gigantic underwater installation and growing presence of the marine forces seem to confirm that something odd is going on.

However, some still have hope, and the arrival of the Straw Hat Crew might change everything.

Players will be able to play Luffy, using his Gomu Gomu no Mi (Gum-gum fruit) to investigate the island.  In addition to his Devil Fruit power to travel faster, different types of Haki will be available. The Kenbunshoku-no-haki (observation haki) to see the enemies from afar or the Busoshoku-no-haki (armament haki) to make Luffy’s attacks even more devastating.

Different foes will try to stop Luffy, from the Vinsmoke family to the vice-admiral Smoker and his crew, the battles promise to be epic!

One Piece World Seeker will be available in 2018 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC as part of the ONE PIECE Big Projects.

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